A new facility to support residents and grow with them

The Rifu Town Cultural Exchange Center, Rifunos, is a complex made up of a library that offers fun and discovery through books, a community center where all generations can learn together, and a culture hall for formal events.
As a new facility to help residents support each other and grow with them, it will connect the people of Rifu, and their hopes, to the future.

Opening hours

Facility Opening hours Closed
Rifu Town Library 9:00〜20:00 Second & fourth Mondays of each month, December 29 to January 3
Rifu Town Community Center 9:00〜21:00
Rifu Town Culture Hall 9:00〜21:00
Cafe & Restaurant 9:00〜21:30 Mondays, December 29 to January 3

Floor map


  • Open-access area
  • Stock room
  • Children's book corner
  • Children's room, Storytime Grotto
  • Quiet reading room
  • Group study room
  • Volunteers' room
  • Breastfeeding room
  • Children's toilets
Culture Hall
  • Dressing room
  • Multipurpose hall
Entrance Hall


Public Hall
  • Laboratory
  • Cooking studio
  • Art studios
  • Japanese-style room
  • Studios
  • Lounge
  • Pottery room
  • Study room

リフノス 利府町文化交流センター

〒981-0103 31-1 Shinshiinokimae, Morigo, Rifu Town, Miyagi District, Miyagi Prefecture
TEL 070-1182-3081
Designated manager of Rifu Town Cultural Exchange Center
Rifu Mirai Creative